Saturday, December 27, 2008

First we will deal with the more phyical signs of what happens to one who is near natural death, then the spiritual helps.

Generally, from one to two months before, they,,,

withdraw from the world and people
decrease food intake
increase sleep
go into self-world
less communication

One to two weeks before:

talking to the unseen
picking at clothes

(there are some medical conditions that I will forego here, but that are available on request)

Days or hours before

intensification of One to two week signs
surge of energy
decrease in blood pressure
eyes glassy, tearing, half open
irregular breathing: stop, start
restlessness or no activity
purplish, blotchy knees, feet, hands
pulsh weak and hard to find
decease in urine output
may wet or stool the bed

Minutes before,,,

"fish out of water" breathing
cannot be awakened

Now for the much more important things to fill in the time in a positive way.

Comforting, faith-building Words and thoughts to share with those who have loved ones who are near death or soon to passing on

(For those who are caring for their departing loved one:)

Call on Jesus and His keys of faith and trust, as you cry out to Him in prayer.

Sample prayer:

"Jesus, though You take my loved one from me, yet
will I trust You".

Very Important!

Make sure that you and your loved ones Pray to JESUS, to accept Him as your Power of Forgiveness and Ressurrection and it will be yours. Thanks

Messages from Jesus:

And I Myself (Jesus) will strengthen and give you faith that I am in control and do all things in love.

Messages for the departing loved ones:

When the pain and agony seem too hard to bear, My beloved one, call on Me (Jesus) and I will open your eyes to behold the beauties of My secret garden of affliction to which I have carried you, and to see the flowers of rarest form that are even now enriching your spirit, preparing you wondrously for your new life in Heaven!

When the demons of fear seek to suffocate you in your battle to hold on and endure to the end, call on the Me (and My Keys) and your fears will vanish at the touch of My hand.

Call on My keys of everlasting life when you are about to pass through the gates to enter My heavenly abode, and you will experience a glimpse of the wonders that I have prepared for you.

When your body is struggling in agony and pain for another breath of life, call on the My Keys, and I will send you sweet surcease and relief.

As you yield to My advances, as I draw you ever closer to the veil, to the realm between the earthly and the heavenly, call on the My Keys, and I will reveal to you the beauties you are about to enjoy!

Call on Me and My Keys of Heaven as you take your last breaths, and My angels sent to escort you home to Me will appear to you, giving you comfort and assurance and freedom from any fear of the unknown as you leave the earthly realm and enter the world of My Spirit.

Call on the Keys of undaunted faith and endurance, and I Myself will be there to comfort you and to help you during this trying time.

Next is about Heaven to encourage your hearts!

Wanna know what heaven can be like?